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Excess stocks are increasingly blocking storage space and resources in the semiconductor and electronics industries. The end of the line? Scrapping. At the same time, other market participants are looking for congruent components and replacing them with substitute goods instead of profiting from the joint stock of the overall market.

An untenable situation, both economically and ecologically. As a partner of GreenChips you benefit from the simple possibility to market excess stocks automatically and at the same time to relieve your own warehouse. GreenChips takes over the warehousing, logistics, administration and distribution of your excess stocks for you and realizes optimal prices for buyers and sellers through AI and Big Data Analysis.

In this way, our platform supports the entire market. Fair and automated distribution possibilities for the seller side, optimized and guaranteed low prices, as well as secure sources of supply for the buyer side.

Join our team, save the planet and save valuable resources. Call us now.

Partnership is not a one-way street

We at GreenChips understand companies and service providers from different market segments and regions. Different conditions naturally require different variants of partnering. We do justice to this fact with our modular partner concept.

In addition to the complete assignments of surplus stocks for marketing by GreenChips, we offer two further partner variants.

Franchise Model

We are happy to act as a platform partner for franchise partners for the marketing of EOL articles and complete product ranges. Via the GreenChips trading platform you benefit from our Market-AI M.A.R.C and from our reach (80+ countries worldwide) and our GoGreen approach. You can see a selection of current franchise and salespartners here:

MH Connectors
LD Conn

Manufactures / distributors

Manufacturers and distributors also have the possibility to sell their excess stock, older goods or EOL articles via our platform. In addition, there is the possibility to include further platforms in the marketing logic and to distribute articles on GreenChips. Your advantage is the maximised reach and of course all GoGreen actions of GreenChips.

go green
Our whole company is 100% powered by green energy.
Climate Ambassador
Children are the future and that is why we educate students to be climate ambassadors.
Co2 Neutral
Not only we as a company but also our complete shipping is Co2 neutral
Finite Resources
The noble metals used in electronic parts are a finite resource, even more reason to make sure they are not wasted.
Less Paper
Not only are we planting trees, we are also trying to fight deforestation by using paper only when it is unavoidable.
Additionally, to recycling excess stock, we try to use as much recyclable packaging as possible.
Tree Counter
With every 100 Euros revenue we will plant one tree. This will be indicated on your invoice.
10% of our profit goes directly into charities supporting the ecosystem.
Bee Support
Bees are a key-factor for an ecofriendly future, that is why we support them by planting flower fields around our office.
How to save resources

Reduce excess stock and conserve resources? Quite simple. We take over your excess stock and store it with us. In addition, we take care of recommissioning, quality control and handling of the goods as well as logistics. The best thing about it? This service is completely free of charge for our partners. GreenChips benefits from our GreenChips profit split on goods sold only. Curious?

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sustainable solution
Reduced stock levels
Reduced administrative costs
Optimized sales opportunities
Reduced scrapping
Optimal use of resources GreenChips
Sustainability Program
Become a partner now!

But not enough! In addition to our sustainable business model and the economic profitability for all sides, we at GreenChips guarantee the investment of 10% of the platform's profits in sustainability projects.

Together with our partners, we make our contribution to a green and sustainable form of digitization. Let us help and save together and set new records in the avoidance of electronic waste.

ON Semicon
Te Connect
Texas Instruments