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Intel Process Roadmap 2025 – The beginning of a new era


Intel released a roadmap showing their plans for new process tech and packaging through 2025. The company claims to catch up with industry leader TSMC until 2024 and to regain ‘process performance leadership’ the year after. The most interesting part however was the teaser of their new angstrom-class technology. An angstrom (or ångström to be precise) is a unit of length equal to 0.1 nanometer and even though it is not part of the SI system of units it can still be considered part of the metric system in general.

Why every Business should care about Forest Conservation


Sustainability has long since ceased to be just an advertising tool and is now a concern that affects us all. With more and more research showing that sustainability saves costs instead of causing them it should even dawn on people who prefer profits over nature protection. Forest conservation can be an easy first step for every business to take part in this paradigm shift that is already happening.

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Metal-free, organic and degradeable on command - Batteries of the Future

Scientists have been working on organic batteries since 2005, when the first organic radical battery (ORB) was developed. An organic molecular radical is a molecular entity possessing one unpaired electron.

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Rare Earth vs Common Knowledge

A “rare earth” (rare earth element to be more precise) is one of seventeen metallic elements. The rare earths are an essential part of many electronic devices, but to understand why they are so important, we have to dig a bit deeper.

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A supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link

Supply Chain Risk Management - It sounds like a compilation of business buzzwords, but it’s now more important than ever. Is that really true?

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I do not want to make you mine

How can we satisfy the growing need of consumers for electronics, when we run out of resources?

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