How It Works

Upload your stock list as an Excel file now and get an offer how much your inventory is worth. We will evaluate the current market value with the help of our AI to ensure maximum benefits for you. Afterwards we will send you the results via E-Mail.

Working with AI

We automatically calculate the market value of your excess stock with an AI called M.A.R.C (market analyzer & research calculator). The artificial intelligence uses big data analysis to oversee the whole market and adjust prices in real-time. With M.A.R.C we can guarantee the best price with higher turnover rates.

We organize the collection of the goods and bear all costs
visual examination
Our quality check according to ISO 9001 standards assures that only original and intact parts are sold
A selling price is calculated by our AI and the products are shown on our web-platform
We handle the whole sales process, including shipment
comission payment
We guarantee a fixed amount of 25% of our calculated market value, but it can go up to 60%
How does analysis work?

With M.A.R.C, our artificial intelligence, we get an overview of the entire market situation by analyzing all major selling platforms. M.A.R.C takes data from different websites into account and calculates a price that guarantees a fast sale and maximum profit for our partner.

The current price and quantity, as well as all previous developments are saved in M.A.R.C’s database. With all this information at hand, price adjustments happen in real time and the AI core is constantly learning and also able to predict future evolution in price changes.

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